Business Loans

Loans to help start-up & small businesses get off the ground If you have a brilliant enterprise idea or you want to take your current business further, we’re here to help. Small business loans can give you the finance you need to realize your business aspirations and go for growth.

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Secured Loans

Borrow more at lower rates: Secured loans, or homeowner loans, let you borrow more money at a lower interest rate because they are secured against your home. They can also help you release equity that may have built up because of rising house prices. Be sure to budget carefully and only borrow what you can afford.

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Bad Credit Loans

Loans for people with poor credit history: If you’ve got a bad credit rating, getting a loan is certainly more challenging, but getting a loan when your credit score is poor is not impossible – and we can help. There are all kinds of loans for bad credit ratings on the market and Norton can help you find the one that suits your individual circumstances.

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